Happy International Women’s Day 2020.03.08

Happy International Women’s Day 2020.03.08

International Women’s Day March 8 this year falls on a Sunday.

Surprisingly Briswell’s men appear with roses and gifts in their hands.

It turned out that because this year’s holiday was on a weekend, they had prepared and meticulously planned in advance to surprise their sisters.

That’s who BWV’s men are, always thoughtful and bring things that couldn’t be better.

The girl’s smiles are beautiful like the roses in their hands.

This year, there is no great food or drink as every year due to the spreading of the Corona virus.

But less or more, a cup of sweet milk tea is enough to make up for the girls, right?

Especially, this year the number of female members of the BWV family increased significantly,

Contributing a part to make the BRW family bigger and stronger.

Many thanks to the men of BWV

For making the BWV sisters a day so much fun and full of laughter.