Excellent Staff Award of Quarter 4.2019

Excellent Staff Award of Quarter 4.2019

We would like to introduce to you the admirable employees who have won the Excellent Staff Award for Quarter 4.2019.

Here are the 4 best employees in the last quarter:


The first prize

Mr. Tran Nguyen Tien Dat from Multiplatform Group!

Joined the company from the very beginning, under the guidance of the seniors, he has been striving and keeping learning with strong expertise in your own Web programming languages.

Now, he has officially participated in many projects as a Senior developer.

Although the role is quite new, he has overcome it very well.

Congratulations Dat on achieving a very high place this time.


The second prize

Mr. Nguyen Trung Hieu from Dev 2 Group!

Join the project as a developer, though he’s just beginning to enter the work and still a bit confused with the workflow, the project at first.

But every day, he tries to tinker, strive, learn more, as well as try to complete the task that he has been assigned to.

And with the youth and enthusiasm, Hieu tried hard to be able to receive the recognition of the Leader

Congratulations to Hieu on achieving the second prize in this award.


The third prize – same rank

They are …

Mr. Pham Van Vien of Dev3 Group!

Join many projects at the same time as a Senior developer, a new role for him, but Vien can still control many issues and can support Junior and Middle levels with many languages ​​such as C #, ASP, Nodejs, …

And Mr. Nguyen Quoc Bao of Dev2 Group!

Bao has participated in many PHP and Nodejs projects

And he is a very friendly, sociable mentor

Always do his best for the team and the Company, enthusiastically help people in the project and complete the work with the best results.


With the spirit of dedication and responsibility of themselves. Dat, Hieu, Vien and Bao have listed their names in the list of excellent employees in Quarter 4.2019

Thank you for your dedication to the company

Wish you always complete well the goals in work.


Hopefully, in the excellent employee of the quarter next time, there will be more new faces appearing!