Excellent Staff Award of Quarter 2.2020

Excellent Staff Award of Quarter 2.2020

The award of Excellent Employee of Quarter 2.2020 has come, acknowledging the dedication of the members of the Company after one quarter of working and trying their best.

This article would like to introduce to you the owners of this quarterly prize !!!

First prize

Ms. Nguyen Thi Huong, team dev 3

As a girl from the dev3 team, Huong has the technical ability and problem-solving speed very quickly and effectively. She contributes ideas to enhance the internal system to improve the quality of the system and coordinate with the Leader team to build an effective way in writing code to help the system to avoid errors when releasing (go into a production environment). She is also very enthusiastic and always actively supporting other members.

Beside, Huong and Team Leader propose a spec for the internal system to investigate the current situation, come up with new ideas and solutions. In addition, she also takes on the new role of reviewing, quality control of members’ products to limit possible bugs.

The second prize

Mr. Nguyen Trung Nghia, team dev2

Despite being a young man, as a dev, Mr. Nghia has shown his ability, you quickly grasp new technologies and languages ​​and gain the trust from the Leaders and Japanese customers when handling project tasks. He also took on the role of trainee mentor that he has never experienced before.

Even when taking on a new job, he can handle it calmly, quickly, and successfully complete the assigned task.

Congratulations on winning this excellent employee award!

I wish you guys will always be together with other members of Briswell Vietnam to go further on the path that we have set goals.